About Us

Sunset Paddling

Since 1967, The Pitch (since 2019, The New Pitch) has been committed to bringing articles of interest to the residents of Whispering Pines, reporting news unique to our village…providing a monthly synopsis of what’s going on in the Village and keeping you informed of issues and concerns.

Monthly spotlight articles provide background and perspective, analyzing and bringing to light areas of concern to village residents. In recent months, these have included such wide-ranging topics as:

In addition to providing village news, The New Pitch is dedicated to instilling a strong sense of community by highlighting accomplished and talented villagers, and by offering fun features about our pets, gardens, birds and “Other Sap That Runs From the Pines.” Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in each issue:

Villiage of Whispering Pines LogoVillage Government Updates Meeting highlights of Village Council, Planning & Zoning, Lakes & Watershed Board, and other committees formed to address specific issues.
Dire Departnemnt LogoPolice Department LogoPolice -- Fire & Rescue Squads -- Public Works Updates and information about recent activities and safety campaigns. Monthly and annual performance statistics for residents to review.
Looking Back-Our HistoryBob Zschoche has a treasure trove of interesting details about village history and takes a look at a particular aspect each month. You can read how the village came to be by checking out the January/February 2020 editions...See January/February 2020 BACK ISSUES.
Life of BirdsLocal ornithologist Susan Campbell shares sightings and provides fascinating details about the life of birds.
Bob Tice -- Resident Comedian, Punster and Purveyor of Useless Factoids – continues to tickle our funny bones.
Our GardensMaster Gardener Dolores Muller offers tips on how to make our yards more fruitful and beautiful.
Our NeighborsReaders will be amazed to learn about the outstanding talents and accomplishments of our diverse group of villagers.
Pet ProfilesSend us your pet story with a picture and see it in an upcoming issue!